ToxHQ Services

We bring together partners as a virtual contract research organization, offering best-of-breed safety assessment and testing services and products in data analysis, hazard and

We offer services in new alternative testing methods, emerging from leading research programs.

Our focus is on complex contexts. We don't just run an experiment and return you some file with a data dump. We carry out an integrated analysis to make sense of the data. In the

We provide a world-leading innovative Chemical-Biological Read-Across (CBRA) product for integrating omics and biological assay data into chemical safety assessment greatly

Our team has won a Lush Prize for its leadership in bioinformatics analysis

We develop refined products from our leadership in the Open Source community customising and integrating products to satisfy community and customer needs (e.g. OpenTox, OpenRisk,

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Douglas Connect provides the expertise to organise, run, support, and manage collaborative research projects, both innovation-oriented and service-based. We can draw on our hundreds of community contacts to assemble the best team for the job, working within an effective virtual organisation structure.