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A Closer Look

Regulatory Acceptance
One challenge to adoption is
ToxBank is a reference
OpenTox has been a successful
Industry Partners
In our product and service

The best technology

ToxHQ develops solutions and provides services in testing methods for supporting safety assessment goals. We work closely with our industry partners to develop infrastructure and framework solutions. We combine and integrate developments and expertise from our team and our ecosystem partners to provide the leading teams and frameworks in 21st century safe assessment.

Security: We minimize the perceived risk of open and cloud solutions for customers.
Standards: With OpenTox we are the clear global leader in Open Standards in this field.  
Regulatory: We work with partners to provide practical solutions supporting regulatory science

What We Offer

ToxHQ offers industry and societal institutions concerned with chemical safety a range of innovative products and services including a software platform, a suite of specialized data management and integrated testing applications, and an outsourced and complete contract research service in risk assessment for product development and regulatory purposes.

Virtual Contract Research Organization
We bring together partners as a virtual contract research organization, offering best-of-breed safety assessment and testing services and products in data analysis, hazard and exposure modelling and risk assessment.
Alternative Testing Methods
We offer services in new alternative testing methods, emerging from leading research programs.
Data Analysis and Modeling
Our focus is on complex contexts. We don't just run an experiment and return you some file with a data dump. We carry out an integrated analysis to make sense of the data. In the first instance we also carefully plan an intelligent experimental design that generates the data. We use → Experienced Application Scientists We apply → Scientific

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