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ToxHQ Provides

Data Analysis
Our focus is on complex contexts.

We offer services in new alternative testing methods, emerging from leading research programs.

Our team has won a Lush Prize for its leadership in bioinformatics analysis.

Refined Proucts
We develop refined products from our leadership in the Open Source community customising and integrating products to satisfy community and customer needs, taking advantage of the ToxHQ infrastructure of data and predictive models providing an intuitive user interface to all. 

We provide a world-leading innovative Chemical-Biological Read-Across (CBRA) product for integrating omics and biological assay data into chemical safety assessment greatly.

Collaborative Research Organisation
We bring together partners as a virtual collaborative organization, offering best-of-breed safety assessment and testing services and products in data analysis, hazard and exposure modelling and risk assessment.

Our Latest News

The New Journey

One of the main messages of the Global Regulatory Science Summit held in Brasilia in September...

Working Together on Safety Assessment

Sometimes we forget that science is about people. And how one conversation can define a solution...

A Perspective on launching ToxHQ

The overarching goal of ToxHQ is to develop an innovative organization, offering services and...

The Best Technology

ToxHQ develops solutions and provides services in testing methods for supporting safety assessment goals. We work closely with our industry partners to develop infrastructure and framework solutions. We combine and integrate developments and expertise from our team and our ecosystem partners to provide the leading teams and frameworks in 21st century safe assessment.

Data Application Programming Interfaces
Integrated Testing Strategy
We work with partners to provide practical solutions supporting regulatory science.
Douglas Connect
Tox is coordinated by Swiss based Douglas Connect, who utilizes years of experience in the predictive toxicology field. 


OpenTox is the leading global open platform for predictive toxicology supported by open standards. 
The ToxBank project activities include the development of the ToxBank Data Warehouse.

Douglas Connect manages collaborative projects to achieve goals in scientific research, infrastructure development

One challenge to adoption is the regulatory acceptance of new alternative evidence generation methods as developed